Tasca Brava

Spanish Restuarant


For more than 15 years, Tasca Brava, brings to North Carolina the essence of our beloved Iberia.   By visiting Tasca Brava 607 you immerse in the generous spirit of the Spanish people, bringing insight into the culture, history and cuisine of this great country.

Whether you are from Spain, related to someone born in Spain or just love the country and her food, you will find Tasca Brava 607 a pleasure. The experience impacts the soul with exciting vigor and indulgency, brimming with the loaded highlights, sounds and smells of life, Spanish life.

In this fast-paced era of high tech and long 'to-do' lists, there is much we can learn from the Spanish approach to life. This insightful visit will help you:
•   Immerse yourself in the grace and warmth of Spain

•   Be inspired by the resilience, dignity and generosity of the culture
•   Learn about a people who continue food-making traditions that go back generations

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